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>> The year 2000 was the year of Zea: played live at huge festivals and national radio stations and received a lot of attention from other media. How do you guys look back at the year 2000?

Well, we had lots of fun and learnt a lot. It's been a good experience to play in England for example and had major fun at Lowlands. But we don't look back too much: gotta rock on ..!! (Anton): Y2k was excellent! I was in India when our album was released (yep, sunshine and palmtrees, and somebody else to do the hard work... thanx Jeroen!), and it was cool to follow the reviews and stuff from such distance. But I was glad to come back and take my place among the others to do our thang again! Fun and growth are the words for the year 2000; we had a lot of it!

>> Aiight! The future: what can we expect from the new album?

We're busy with new songs at the moment. We've got some new synths and a new sampler so more freakin' with that I guess. Expect nothing! Fear the worst!! Come and see us at a venue near you and get a taste of what's coming... What can I say, eeeuh, 'Mothers, keep your children at home!'

>> Arnold, (vocalist of Zea) you did an American Tour through New York City. Even played at CBGB's (hell yeah!!!). Can you tell us why you played there and what for experience it was?

(Arnold): I had plans to visit a friend in Northampton (near Boston) and borrow his roommate's car and drive to New York. Since I would go there I thought I might as well take some cd's with me and try to contact some recordlabels to get Zea overseas. When I told my plans to the guy from Transformed Dreams (our recordlabel) he said I should do some gigs as well. Two weeks of phonecalls and emailing finaly paid off and the day before I left, he told me he arranged Brownies, CBGB's and Sidewalk. I took my guitar and a cd with samples and beats with me. Playing in New York was tough and great. CBGB's got the name and I felt special being able to play there. Sidewalk was the best thing to do; a lot of people who really liked what I did and I even sold some cd's. It's all filmed by the VPRO who went with me.

>> Which new Dutch bands do you like at the moment?

There are a lot of good bands in Holland at the moment, all of them working hard to get heard. Bands like Plan Kruutntoone, Suimasun, Gone Bald, Feverdream and John Wayne Shot Me are doing a great job. I recently heard some material of the new Zoppo-album, that's gonna be a beautifull record I think. not all that new, but definitely in the picture: Seedling (check out their new album!).

>> And foreign bands?

We're really into Elephant6 stuff at the moment, like Apples in Stereo, Neutral Milk Hotel! (... and your mom would drink untill she was no longer speakin', and dad would dream of all the different ways to die, each one a little more than he could dare to try...), and Elf Power (who are gonna play with us on April 15 in Haarlem!!). Outkast, Wu Tang Clan, Kid606, some dubbie stuff from King Tubby and the new Arab Strab are at the deks the most these days.

>> We will follow Zea this year...for sure. But for we go, wanna give a shout out to the reader?

Zea-clan ain't nuttin ta f*** with!! Check the skillz! Thank you, come again.

From April the 4th a Dutch national television broadcaster will follow Zea for a whole year...
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