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Travoltas: high quality pop-punk from the lowlands. Enough to talk about with Perry, the vocalist of the Travoltas...

>> Travoltas, a Dutch band with an international sound. Where does the band Travoltas stand for?

I guess the main thing we stand for is writing real songs, instead of a chain of guitar riffs. That's what we learned from bands like The Beach Boys, The Byrds and The Ramones and people like Phil Spector. And our live shows are very dynamic, very uplifting. We want to send the audience home with a good feeling.

>> Travoltas started as a surfpunkband and became more a poppunkband. Was that a decision you made or was it something what just happened?

It's more a natural evolution. We started out really loud, hardcore-like stuff. But we always listened to different kinds of music, and bit by bit we started to write more poppy songs. We wouldn't be the same band as we are today if we were still only listening to S.O.D.!!!

>> In a short notice your new album, Club Nouveau, will be released... (On June the 15th) What may we expect?

It's a big step from Teenbeat. Teenbeat was, in our eyes, the perfect soundtrack for an endless summer. It's like living in a dream full of innocence, beaches, girls. We didn't want to repeat ourselves and we wanted to make a more personal album. This album's about reality, our real lives. This means that there are songs on the album nobody would expect, even sad, heavy psychedelic songs. This is a very moody album, but there are some happy tracks on it too.

>> The Beach Boys are important for the Travoltas... Can you explain why?

It's our major influence, always has been. I think it's the most beautiful music ever made, especially the Pet Sounds-album and the abandoned Smile-album. What they did was make a perfect combimation of vocal harmonies and rock 'n roll, and later creating little teenage-symphonies. What we try to do is using those harmonies and mix them with punkrock and other styles of music we grew up with. Needless to say we learned a lot from the Beach Boys. They are our heroes..

>> Marky Ramone produced the last albums of the Travoltas. How did Dutch guys came in contact with an American punklegend?

Actually he only produced 1 album: Modern World. But that was a very interesting time. It all started when we did a european tour with his band The Intruders in 1997. After a couple of weeks on tour we played him some demos we made for the Modern World album and he liked them a lot. Then he offered to produce the album and before we knew it we were in New York, recording with a legend. We had a great time, we spent 3 weeks at his house and made a great album. We learned a lot from him, especially in the studio.

>> Did you also worked with Joey Ramone who died recently?

No we didn't, we met him in CBGB's though. A very strange person I may add. But it's a very sad thing he died. He was and is a true rock 'n roll legend.

>> You guys are aiming to America. What are the plans to conquer America?

Teenbeat came out there in January and is doing great. Were working very hard to realize an upcoming tour in July/August. We get e-mails from american fans everyday about touring there. I think it's time to go! We're also on a great video compilation that's gonna be released soon throughout the world.

>> An International breakthrough is probably a matter of time. Does that infects your personal lives? I mean, are there 'business' people around you who are telling what you should or should not do?

We have business people around us but we decide if we go or not. We're still the same controlfreaks as we were 10 years ago! The main thing for us now is releasing our records in as much countries as possible and do a lot of touring, meet the fans and make more fans!

>> I saw you guys play several times, but which gigs do you love the most?

That's hard to tell, cause there's been a lot of great shows the past few years. But I had a very special time last summer on the festivals we did in Sweden. We played 20,000 people crowds. And we partied our asses off!! Lowlands 2000 was pretty cool too. And Austin, Texas, and Dynamo 1997..

>> Which new bands should we pay more attention to?

A couple of Swedish bands: Caesars Palace, the best band I've heard the last year. Also from Sweden: Teddybears, another great band. If you like 80's stuff try The Ark or England's Zoot Woman. Great bands!

>> Thanx for the interview Perry, just a last question for we go: Got some last words for the reader?

Yeah, thanx for taking your time to read this interview, hope you dig our stuff and stay online on!! See you all on tour!

Check their new album soon! word!

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