Welsh Ragga-metal. From the ashes of Dub War came Skindred. Time to interview Benji, the frontman of Skindred.

>> First of all, Dub War brought the world some gooood shit! For those who don't know the reason why Dub War split up... Why the split up?

Earache records made it impossible for Dub War to continue. They would not let us record and just wouldn't give us money to live on, this made us fight internally till we had no option other than to go our separate ways or kill someone or each other.

>> Fortunately from the ashes of Dub War came Skindred. Skindred is more Heavy Metal and Hardcore mixed with Ragga and Dance hall. What do you guys wanna achieve with Skindred...?

We have already achieved so much, the music we make is the achievement in its self. We have musical satisfaction and have created something we can call our own, when the album is out the world will see what we mean...

>> Three of the four musicians from Skindred are the same as in Dub War. You think that can become a problem in the future?

No, we got much more unity in the camp and the direction is more focused than ever before. We can't see us having the same problems we all have lived and learnt so much more.

>> You have finally found a record company (RCA Records). I can't wait till you drop that debut album... can you give me already an exact release date?

Yes, we are all buzzed to be signed to RCA, hopefully this time we got the right ingredients to take our shit to the next level. No dates for release, but we do wish to start recording September

>> More important: what can we expect from the new album?

Well, in days like this where this word nu metal is on every journalists lips. We will bring an original and powerful breed of music to the mosh pits and dance halls. It is still musically intense and hits hard but there will be a few surprizes for people. Expect this LP to rock and ragga to the max.

>> There were some problems finding a producer for the new album... Find someone qualified yet?

There have been no problem. It just took a little longer than we wanted it to. We had a few meetings with different producers and we are getting closer, I don't want to say any names yet but we are much closer than yesterday. That's all I can say,, alright now.

>> Aiiight. You've just finished touring the UK. So the following question you have to answer with "yes": do you guys come over and play in Holland and Belgium?

I love Belgium and Holland and would play even in your mothers front room if you let us. We are dying to come rock you all in a ragga punk style so the awnser is HELL YER.

>> Where does Skindred get their inspiration from?

...life - earth - heaven and hell

>> Benji, the last years you worked with f.e. Max Cavelara (Soulfly), Robert Trijullo (Suicidal Tendencies) en Ozzy Osbourne. Recently Skindred worked with Pitchshifter... Are there plans to work with other bands?

I am talking to different singers from bands at the moment but I really want to concentrate on Skindred, when the record is in the bag then I can maybe vibe up with some other artists.

>> What do you hate about the music scene?

I hate nothing about the music scene, but the music business is cut throat corporate devilish backstabbing bullshit 4 real. that's what I hate about music.

>> To which metal bands and which ragga dance hall bands should we pay more attention to?

Well, in the metal scene I would say Soulfly, System Of A Down, Fy Dolla Ho, these 3 bands i get off on.................
In the dance hall: Sizzla, Papa San, B
uju Banton, Concious Lyrics das what motervates me seen!!!!

>> Which gig will never leave your mind?

As Skindred its to early to say, but as Dubwar its got to be Dynamo 95

>> Thanx a lot for the interview, I wanna wish you the best and hope to see you guys in Holland or Belgium soon. But for we go, got some last words for the Tripleee reader?

Yes people, go to our punk rock site: www.skindred.org and download all the shit that you can. We are really are x-sighted to start touring in your zone, but we got to finish this album. Then we can let this monster out of the laboratory to destroy some stages all over the world. Big up nuff respect jah guide always....

Good luck and peace!!

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