Napalm Death. A personal favorite of Tripleee... The fathers of the grind and still on top of the music bizz. Time for some questions to Shane...

>> Listening to your latest release "Enemy of the music business" you can't imagine a (grind)core scene without ND... How can you guys stay on top of the scene for such a long time?

I think for this album we were probably the most enthusiastic that we have been for a long time, due to our break from certain parties that we were involved with. And the new people that we get involved with really wanted for us to make an album dat you could expect Napalm to do. So we want back to a lot of our old influences and tried to do what we do best. And I think it worked. We have never really been into what the mainstream is doing so I think we have always been pretty out there...

>> The scene in the 80's had much more bands 'alike' Napalm Death. But they changed their style or rottened away. But Napalm Death is still around, doing their thing even better than ever... Do you see that as a sort of victory on the music business?

As I said, we look at things very differently. We alway remember the fact of where we came from and what we thought of the bands that we grew up with and what impact those bands that were our favourites had on our scene. And now more than ever we have done things our own way and we are not interested in selling out. As that can lose you everything that you stand for. We have had a lot of hard times but I don't think that I have had met many bands that are that close, sure the arguments come thick and fast but there is a lot of passion in the band and that helps you mature in the musical direction that you need to without hopefully making to mistakes. We are just happy to still be here after all this time and people linking what we do...

>> Nowadays you play as 'fathers of grind' for a young(er) audience... Is that difficult?

Well we are in our early 30's so it's kind of funny but flattering. If anything with the new album we want it to be a lesson to the younger bands to be carefull in the choices they make in this so called business as there is so many sharks out there who will take advantage. So I guess we have the experience to share which is one way of looking at it. If that makes any sense. As for the younger audience (kinda ran away with myself there) there are still a lot of people from the old days who are around. And to have young kids come to the show is killer as well as we can show them what we consider to be the real deal in true heavy music.

>> About which (political) issues you get angry lately?

I will be blatantly honest (more so over the years). I am not that particulary politically motivated - the world scares me there. There is to much abuse of the human spirit, rascism I don't understand. And let's be honest, it's on all sides. So lets think about that. World hunger - how when sports people and actors earn millions (not the greatest answers maybe, but simple) does this kind of shit happen - Religion well I'm not even got there, the powers that be all have a role to play in human misery.

>> I still love the Dead Kennedys cover "Nazi punks fuck off" which you made for the DK tribute album. Fortunately you guys play this song live. Ever had problems with fucked up people when you played this song live?

A couple of places we had some trouble. One place in Pensylvania. We only played four songs as the crowd of 40 meatheads seemed to rule the other 200 or so and nobody would stand up to them. It was pretty scary. And I can't see why they bother coming to our shows. It just seems stupid.

>> Which bands do you listen too at the moment?

Hard to say. Some black metal bands, old metal bands, some hardcore, some alternative. To many, not enough time...

>> What do you think about the zillion of MTV-punkbands?

Don't know to many as I tend to live in my own bubble - I watch MTV a lot in the UK (which is a little different to the US and Europe) and I think it's a different generation. I'm sure there were glam kids and old metal kids going "What the fucks this Napalm Death or Canibal Corpse all about?????" when there was Headbangers Ball, things come and go in cycles and in a way guitar music is as popular as ever. So that's good. But wether some of these bands are truly punk? I don't know - origanlly I think that punk was just image and that's what those bands are to me. Give me Discharge, MDC, Final Conflict, Black Flag, Septic Death or Minor Threat every day....

>> I saw you guys playing live several times. But which gigs did you love the most and why?

I guess the most recent show in Wacken (Germany) was killer!!! Around 10-15,000 people. Great fun. Also when we played down in South America - Chille was amazing and Brasil, those are real kids who live for the music - Also a few months ago we played in Kuala Lumpar (Malaysia) which was awesome - Lot's of enthusiasm, no trends. They are not governed by music, TV and that. To me was how it used to be... You were into bands and made the effort to go out and find there shows, albums, demo's, instead of being told what to like - It's to easy now. The world keeps turning faster and faster.

>> Former drummer Mick Harris left ND to put his energy in the electric band Scorn. What do you think about Scorn?

First few albums were good. But I thought towards the end they got a little forced but if that's what he into then that is fine by me....

>> You played EVERYWHERE! But which country was the most impressive to you?

As I said earlier: Malaysia... But also South Africa, especially Cape Town (the scenery was amazing!!!!). A lot of different cultures, and we always love Spain. They know how to party and have a good relaxed time doing it.

>> Is it hard to make a living from Napalm Death?

Sometimes it is. Especially the last couple of years, but things are moving forward - We know we will never sell millions but we will do this for as long we enjoy doing it. For me as long as I can get by I am happy!!!

>> Thanx Shane! Before we go, got some last words for the reader???

As always thanx for the interest and support!!! We wouldn't be around if it wasn't for that... Take life one day at a time and enjoy as much of it as you can!
Cheers and Take care!!

Good luck and peace!!
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