Latinometal = Laberinto and Laberinto = Latinometal. These guys from Venezuela are living in Holland for quiet a while, Tripleee had some questions...

>> You started playing in 1989 and introduced Metalatino in Holland. Why did you call your band Laberinto?

Well, we have had always the idea that Laberinto is the life of human being and it has been an important part in our lives. You know with all the travelling, starting out of nothing, but trying to find a way out and try to satisfy all our dreams.

>> You came to Europe as it was difficult to play and earn some money in Venezuela. You choose for Amsterdam... why was that?

Our problem in Venezuela was not the money. I used to work in a bank and even going to the university. But in our case Laberinto wanted to be an international band so we had the idea to travel to Europe and the first country we went to was Holland. After travelling around Europe, staying in different countries, we found Amsterdam the most interesting city for us to begin our career. Why Amsterdam? Because for us it is the capital of the world. There are so many different cultures which is very positive for the music. "Tthe cosmopolitan city".

>> Is it or was it hard to make a living of your music?

It was and still is hard to live from the music but it is wonderfull when you can succeed in it!

>> What do you hate about the Dutch / European music scene?

I don't really hate anybody or anything. I think hate is a negative reaction.

>> Aiight. To which bands should we pay more attention then?

Laberinto and the underground scene.

>> Laberinto live is always a pleasure... But which gig is your personal favorite?

I have many favorite gigs, but my very favorite gigs were Bizare Festival, Rock Palace in Germany and Dynamo Festival...

>> Recently you celebrated the release of your new album "Another style" with Agression and Ratos de Poroa. Great bands. Do you have other bands you like to play with in the future?

There are many bands that I like. It will be nice to tour with a band bigger than Laberinto.

>> Marco, on your website you announced that Laberinto started a new live... what can we expect?

Well, musically talking you can hear the the developement of the metal latino style in our latest album. The percussion and the heavy shit will be more integrated. We expect to develop this type of music on a higher plan.

>> Check! What are the goals for the coming years?

Our goal is to reach every time more people with the music.

>> That's a clear goal and I know for sure that it will succeed... Thanx for the interview, but for we go, got some last words for the

Thanks also for the interview. Hope to see you on one of our concerts ( and ps: I will be a father on the 13rd of July.

Good luck and peace!!
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