>> Tripleee is interviewing The Imadodattaz <<

Expected soon: Dog Eat Dog, D.R.I., Ill Phenomenon

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>> The Imadodattaz. Hip Hop from the lowlands. Can you please introduce yourself to those who don't know you already.

Hello I'm I.N.T…….that bluntsmokin' indo, producing them beats,
My name is Mel O D, and I be that dope female emcee
I'm Y'skid (pronounce it as Wise Kid), one of the emceeing producers in the Imadodattaz.

>> What does Imadodattaz means?

Imadodattaz comes from "I'ma do that" which is slang for ''I am going to do that''. Imadodattaz must be read as Imadodatters… that be: the-ones-who-are-going-to-do-that! ! We don't talk, we do. Suing words to the action, instead of the other way around.

>> What do you want to achieve with the imadodattaz-crew?

Being a strong independent crew, constantly coming with new tight stuff….we're talkin' about performances as well as products. Our goal is to vinylise the Imadodattaz and let people know we the bombdiggie!

>> In september 2000 you released your first tape: "The adventures of… imadodattaz". Planning to put these 20 tracks also on compact disc?

Nope, Not exactly like we already said, we're planning to come with vinyl…..make the shhhh spinnable…..

>> Recently imadodattaz played live at Kink FM and Studio Brussel (two nationwide radio stations). Also there is a lot of interest from other media… What are the goals for the rest of 2001?

Rip more stages, complete our website…..Of course we're also trying to put new tracks out on wax and were trying to find a nice studio……we also want to finish all them interviews and so our list goes oooooooon…

>> Aiiiight!.... something else, what do you think about todays Dutch Hip Hop scene?

Too many cats be doing the same old same old. Lace a beat they sampled from other Hip Hop-records, write a rhyme, move to the next product & never come with something improving. We'd rather make one great track than 120 average ones. A few dope artist are walking around in the Netherlands though……they should be supported!

>> Which bands do you like at the moment?

Hmmmmmm….we check out a lot of hiphop. Two examples of groups we definitely feel at the moment are The lone catalysts and Frank'n'Dank….

>> Thanx for the interview Imadodatters en good luck, but finally, got some last words for the reader?

Go and check out so you can find out what were doing. Listen to some fresh Imadodattaz-tracks, see what we're up to next……..You can always contact us by emailing to
We got specialties for dope emceez without beats >>>check the Dustbu$ters section or get more info at & to all'a ya'll : keep on supporting that hiphop…..stay active & productive….& if U feel you feel good about what you're doing...

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