>> Tripleee is interviewing Heideroosjes <<

Expected soon: The Imadodattaz / D.R.I.

>> The first question is an obvious one: In a short notice your new full album will be presented to the world… what can we expect from the new album?

You might expect the loudest and fastest Heideroosjes album ever. 16 songs in 39 minutes. We made 7 albums now and this one turned out to be real powerful. A mixture between hardcore and punkrock. The energy we have on stage is finally caught on the album. The lyrics are angry, pissed and full of frustration about the world in general and humanity in special.

>> Your tourbus has been stolen! (If you see the Heideroosjes tour bus: call 003177 3988164 or email to Of course it affected your state of mind but did it also affected your studio work?

Not really, it took us some expensive studio-hours to look for our bus. And it even made me (marco) more pissed about our sick world. I used this anger to made good song. Turn negative energy into something positive!

>> Not only Henny Vrienten (Doe Maar) co-operated on the new album, also Fred Emmer (for not Dutch people: Fred Emmer is euh, oh well, Fred Emmer ;-) ) gave some input… Why Fred?

We couldn't find another anchor-tv-man who was willing to contribute in a song about sexual abuse of little children. The lyrics are quite heavy. Besides that; Fred Emmer is cult!

>> After 10 years of HR punk, Heideroosjes is still growing… What do you guys expect from the year 2001?

After the release of FAST FORWARD (21th May) we tour Holland and Belgium. In summer we go the USA and in the Autumn we'll do a massive European Tour. Hopefully again with another cool band (a tour like we did with Pennywise last year).

>> Is it possible that with your contract-deal by Epitaph, HR goes America?

Actually we will but it's only for a few shows. Our record isn't released in the USA. That's not a problem. We want to 'conquer' Europe first. Heideroosjes are growing in Europe, we get a lot of new friends every tour. When we reach a certain point in Europe, we want to work seriously for USA. But for now, Europe is cool.

>> Which new bands do you like at the moment?

There are so many cool bands we like. Not really new ones but also 'older' bands like Dropkick Murphy's, The Hives, the new US Bombs record, The Get Up Kids, but also new young bands like Beans (NL), Donots (D) and many more.

>> What are the things you all get very angry about?

the way people treat each other these days. There's no respect. We're all too busy with ourselfs. Our cars, houses, jobs, etcetera. Society is more individualistic than ever. Kids don't play in the streets, they sit on their asses with Playstation. I think that's not a good way, but we'll see within a few decades...

>> Finally, what do you wanna say to the reader?

Live fast and positive, see you around and peace!

~ Peace ~





















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