>> Tripleee is interviewing Haeckeflosse <<

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Let's hear it for Haeckeflosse!! A Dutch punkband who will release their second album in a short notice. Time for an interview...

>> Haeckeflosse. For those who are not familair with the Haeckeflosse 'theory', please explain what Haeckeflosse means and what your music is about...

Haeckeflosse is a Dutch band playing metal that sounds like punk as if it was industrial (that must be clear, right?!). Our music is mainly fast and loud and the best description we have seen in a magazine was that we sounded (and looked) like "a herd of rumbling dinosour's over the vast Norwegian plains". We don't pretend to have an important message hidden in our music, but we do speak about some mayor problems in modern society occasionally. Our main goal however is just to play a lot and have a good time.

>> After your latest release, 'Try this', you did a lot of gigs and there was a lot of attention, but for some reason it became quit after that period...what happened?

We indeed had a very busy schedule and things went very well. Unfortunately our drummer was involved in an other band and due to lack of time he decided to quit Haeckeflosse. It took some time to find the right successor. Luckily we have found one now. He is very motivated, has his own musical approach and get along very well what is very important of course. We have done a few really great and energetic gigs with him and reactions were very positive, so we are ready to hit the road again...

>> Aiight, so can expect new material soon?

Yep, we are working on our new album right now. Recording has taken place at the end of April and the release will be in September. Besides that we will release a song together with the Dutch punkband Mihoen called BUSH-BUSH. It's a protest song that will be played at least by Haeckeflosse and Mihoen, but every band is free to use it to make a statement against the current US-Bush politics. But the main focus is of course our new album.

>> Original idea! What can we expect from this new material?

The new album will be a mini-cd containing 10 or 11 songs. It is still Haeckeflosse so there will be some very strange and weird sounds on the album. Compared with our first CD (Try This!) it is more brute, faster and louder and the CD will have a more raucous sound. We've doubled the feeling of being hit by a train this time, so I think listening to the new CD will be close to a Haeckeflosse live experience.

>> What are the goals for the coming period with Haeckeflosse?

I guess the same as always. We are a live-band so we try to play as much as possible. After summer we will do a small tour to support our new album. We are also trying to do a few shows in Belgium and Germany. The more gigs the better of course. The silence around Haeckeflosse will be over for sure.

>> Inspiration. Does Haeckeflosse get their inspiration from private situations, world topics or something else?

Anything can inspire us. Our lives aren't screwed up so we can't agitate against that but for the rest there is enough shit in this world. But a good movie, bad story, ugly guy or stupid word can be a world of inspiration too. There is not really one theme in our songs, but the exaggerated individualization of our society and thoughtlessness of many people are returning themes.

>> Which new bands do you like at the moment?

Bands like Static-X, Spineshank, Meshuggah and System of a Down are really cool, but somehow we are stuck with old bands like Fear Factory, Ministry, Nine Inch Nails, No Means No, Strapping Young Lad etc. And of course Lard. Listen to their song Forkboy and you get a good idea what Haeckeflosse is about.

>> Please tell us where we can see you guys live and finally, do you have some last words for the reader?

You can check us in America (NL, not the country), Gemert, Breda, Woerden and Eindhoven but more gigs will be added soon. Check our website for the latest details: As I have mentioned before there will be some kind of tour to promote our new cd. There will at least be a cd-presentation in "de Bakkerij" in Eindhoven in September.

Some words for the reader: Keep music alive, and thanks for visiting bands from the local scenes (besides the well-known bands of course, nothing wrong with that). There are really good unknown bands which deserves a crowd. Take care, keep thinking and have a good time.

See them live! word!

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