>> Tripleee is interviewing Downshot <<

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>> Downshot, a Dutch band which is already famous in the underground Hardcore scene. Downshot live, always a party! But not everybody will know you guys, can you please introduce yourself to those who don't know what Downshot is all about?

We are Downshot, a five member hardcore band from M-town and we play a mixture of Old School hardcore combined with the HipHop element of rap also known as ‘Powerrapcore’. We’ve had some line-up changes over the years but as of 1999 we consist of Bob on drums, Richie on bass, Mark on vocals, Joren on strings and Bef on vocals. Throughout the years we’ve played with basically all the small and big names in the hardcore scene and we’re always out looking for stages to rip. That’s it.

>> Aiight! Let's look back for a second. The year 2000 was a good year for Downshot?

The year 2000 was a very good one for us. Two members of Downshot, Bob and Mark, got enlisted in the new line-up of One Night Stand who played at EHCP III which was awesome. One Night Stand will be recording a new album on I-Scream Records later on this year. Downshot got asked to do a contribution on the New League III comp. cd. We’ve played more shows than ever before and to put the cherry on top, we were asked to play on EHCP IV. So yeah, it was a great year. Hossa!!!

>> This year will be in my opinion the complete breakthrough for Downshot. It must be just a matter of time when Dowshot gets a record-deal. Isn't it?

We’ve been at it for five years and we’ve had some rough patches, both musically and personally. But as the years came things started to look better and stimulated us to go on in the future. Don’t think about when you’re going to get a record-deal but work hard, play as often as you can, where you can and keep going straight ahead and you will get yours.

>> Your last album ("Unleashed") was released in 1999. Can we expect new material from Downshot in the near future?

Well, to be honest, I don’t know. If all goes according plan two compilation cd’s will come out at the end of March. On one of them ‘Breakdown the Silence – Out of Step Records’ will be two live songs from Downshot and the other one is ‘A tribute to American hardcore – I-scream Records’ with two Circle Jerks covers by One Night Stand. But we’re also putting money aside right now and saving up gig money to be able to record a new full length as soon as we get the opportunity.

>> What do you guys expect from the year 2001?

The new year. Well, we’ve got some good gigs lined up for this year but EHCP IV is definitely a milestone already. We’ll be playing a much as we can, both with Downshot and One Night Stand, where ever this may be. We’re working on new material, new merchandise, new contacts you name it. Just, you know, keep on keeping on…

>> What do you hate in the music scene?

What do we hate? Simple and plain: R&B music.

>> Guys, good luck in the future, and we'll meet on stage again. Hell yeah! But for we go, got some last shout-outs for the reader?

Thanks for checking us out on and hopefully we’ll see each other at EHCP IV or at another show. Peace out to Short Fused and Tripleee. Be sure to check out their new stuff when it comes out. Take care.

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