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Dog Eat Dog. A great band! I recently saw them at Nirwana (Holland)... A big party! Two hours with great music and a lot of fun... Gitarist Sean bought beer for everyone... Dog Eat Dog is alive and kickin'. That's why Tripleee interviewed Dave Neabore of Dog Eat Dog:

>> Dave, you are in the music bizz for a rather long time now. You joined Mucky Pup in 1987 before you formed Dog Eat Dog. But after all those years you still look like you are in the music scene just for one reason: THE FUN! How are you doing that?

Of course having fun is the bands top priority with our music. we have been together for 11 years now, and if we didn't like playing music together and spending so much time together, I don't think we would have lasted this long. We also consider ourselves friendly and respectful of our fans and business people who continue to give us opportunities around the world.

>> After all those years in the scene, what do you like best and what things do you hate about the scene?

The music scene is always changing. It's a challenge for any band to adapt to those changes and continue to be successful. Dog Eat Dog don't belong to any one "scene" in the music world. We feel that we can play any stage, anyplace, with any bands. Because our music is diverse, so is our audience...

>> Dog Eat Dog was very popular in the mid-90's overhere in Europe. But for some reason the attention faded away a little bit... How come?

DED has never stopped working or touring. between the albums 'Play games' (1996) and 'Amped' (1999) the band toured all over the world, and has continued to do so. if I had to find a reason why you think attention has faded a bit, then I would have to say it's because our former record label, Roadrunner, did not put enough work into promoting the 'Amped' record, but our last 3 tours have been very well attended, so I feel our popularity is intact.

>> Yep, that's true... But are you as popular in your own country as you are here in Holland, Belgium and the rest of Europe?

The USA has been our hardest challenge over the years. we were never given proper support from our record label, so we are still an underground band in our home country.

Dave Neabore

>> What bands do you like at the moment?

Everyone in DED has very different musical tastes. I have the most diverse taste of all of us. Right now the new Yello album is my favorite. I do most of my listening to heavy music while drinking beer in a club, but in my private time I prefer obsure soundtrack music.

>> I saw you guys several times? And always it were great gigs! But which shows did you like the most... and why?

The big festival shows are incredible. Dynamo, Roskilde, Bizarre....we've done them all. But it's the smaller, intimate shows that I like the best. there's nothing like 300 kids packed in a club feeling the music together, and the band is able to reach out to the audience and hang out with them afterwards.

>> It's good to hear new material is coming out! But what can we expect from the new material Dave?

The new DED will be a continuation of the path we're on. We don't plan what we do, we just do it... There will be a good mix of heavy songs, as well as experiments into reggae, melody, and looping beats...

>> Aiight... I'm curious already! Is there a release date already?

There is no release date yet for our new record, but I can say it will be on a major record label. We are working hard on the new material right now, and will be playing new songs all summer long during our live shows.

>> What are the plans for the fortcoming months?

We will just write, record, and play live through the summer, with the album hopefully arriving in the fall. Also a collaboration of DED and Public Enemy is in the works as well.

>> To all Tripleee readers: check Dog Eat Dog live and their new album! Goodluck to you Dave and the other members of Dog Eat Dog, but for we end this interview: got some last words for the reader?

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the DED fans out there for making us feel welcome for more than a decade. We willl continue to have the biggest party wherever we go... and you're all invited!!! PEACE, DAVE

Dog Eat Dog, good luck with the new album, and hope to see you guys soon in Holland or Belgium! Take care

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