Clawfinger. A mega band from Sweden. In a short notice the release their fourth album... Time for an interview with frontman Zak!

>> Whzzup Zak! First of all we go back to 1990, as many people will not know: Clawfinger became a fact because you guys worked in the same hospital. Can you tell more about this...

What is there to tell, we all worked at the Rosegrove hospital as orderlies and nurses taking care of old people, wiping their asses, helping them out of bed, hepling them brush their teeth and walking and talking with them! We became workfriends, started talking about music and realized that we had alot in common! Bård and me made the first song in October 1990 and from there on we just kept on making 4-track demos, drinking beer and having a good time until we realized that we were on to some good shit!

>> In 1993 you released your first album: "Deaf Dumb Blind". A mega-selling album. How do you guys look back at this album?

It's a looooong time ago now, I'm very proud of it but I don't spend alot of time thinking about how great or fantastic it is..hahaha! it changed our lives and all of a sudden we could make a living from music and of course that's cool but hey we have a new album out now, it's our 4th cd and that's what we're focusing on now, the future lies ahead of us and that's what were concentrating on!

>> Personally I still love the impressive song "Catch me" from the first album. It is a song about a suicidal jump which ends with the words "I feel more alive dead then when I was alive". What was the reason for writing this song?

I wish I knew but the truth is there's never been a masterplan or a red thread in what we do, our songs just turn out the way they do becos' we are the people we are. Lyrically there are alot of things going on in my head and some of them make it onto paper and a few of those even make it onto tape!!!! In other words there's no great story for you...sorry ;-)

>> As you said earlier, in a short notice Clawfingers' fourth album will be released... What can we expect?

Hardhittin' Clawfinger-style-crossover rapmetal in the true meaning of the word! Just a mixture of all the different things we've enjoyed & been listening to while we recorded the new album, a bit of drum'n'bass, a bit of hiphop, a bit of metal and a whole lotta Clawfinger...

>> Aiiight, but more important, when can we buy it?

Well that depends on where you live in Europe, it's already released in Germany where it's in the top 20 and also in Austria, Switzerland and Belgium! In Sweden , Denmark and most of the other countries it's being released on the 23rd of August so in other words keep your ears and eyes open and check it out next time you hit your local cd store!

>> You had some problems with your recordlabel. Found a new label yet?

Yes we have, a whole lot of fucking record company politricks but we've sorted that out and we are now signed to Gun/Supersonic records in Germany and it's being released in the other European territories by BMG records and I have to say that they're all doing a really good job so we're happier than we have been in a long time! I have high hopes for the future even if i'm keeping my feet steadily on the ground, hahahaha...

>> You played great festivals like Roskilde, Rock am Ring, Dynamo festival and Monsters of Rock, but which gig will you never forget?

Rock Am Ring in 94 when we played for 70.000 people without a doubt, that was the biggest adrenaline kick I've ever had in my life! Although I must say that most of our gigs through the years at both clubs & festivals have been fantastic thanx to the fans who make us love what we do even more!

>> You just finished a tour with Rammstein. How was that?

That was amazing, we've known the guys since 1995 when they supported us so we got along like one big family! They treated us with such respect and we really hope that we can do some more gigs with them in the near future!

>> Are their plans for a clubtour in the Netherlands or Belgium?

We will be going out on the road again in late September, early October but the only gigs that are confirmed right now are in Germany, Austria & Switzerland! I'm sure we'll be back in Holland and Belgium again though so be prepaired, hahaha!

>> Where do you guys normally get your inspiration from?

Everything and anything, from music to stories we hear, from the news to things that happen to us in our personal life! basically just being a human in this strange fucked up world leaves you with quite alot of topics to write songs about!

>> What do you hate about the music scene?

All the fake friends who smile in your face and laugh behind your back, all the bands that are products of the record companies who don't have their own style or write their own songs and also I hate the business side of things, it seems like alot of people have forgotten that it's about making music and instead care more about the money they can make and that's sad!

>> To which Scandinavian bands should we pay more attention in your opinion?

if you mean in metal music then I think Meshuggah (I highly agree!!! - Tripleee) are one of the most under rated bands ever and they deserve to be bigger than Slayer! otherwise i like alot of different stuff, another cool band is Mazarine Street but that's more indie rock! Also there's a really cool rapper called Thomas Rusiak who has a very original approach to his brand of rap music! I could name loads of names but it would just turn into namedropping so I'll stop here!

>> First of all I want to wish Clawfinger all the best and hope that you guys play in Holland soon, but for we go, got some last words for the reader?

Well my last words of wisdom are simply be cool be yourself, do what you do becos' it feels good to you and not beco's you think someone else might like it! Music is something you listen to with your ears, not something you see on is the best! peace/Zak

Good luck and peace!!
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