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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

// Wear Your Music - Good Cause Storytelling

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A New York-based company offers you eco-friendly jewelry that rocks and tries to make the world a better place… What’s the deal?
Wear Your Music is a digital platform that turns used guitar strings from famous artists into stylish bracelets. Rock artists like Wolfmother, Baaba Maal, Avril Lavigne or Carlos Santana; they all donated guitar strings to this organisation. Instead of throwing away their used strings the use it for a ‘good cause’. Not only to make fans happy as the profits of these bracelets are donated to charities selected by these artists.

For example:
if you buy the guitar string of Floggin Molly’s Dave King it costs you 100 bucks. You can personalize your bracelet online and after that, Wear Your Music will package your string in a recycled CD-case with certificates of authencity and send it to you. And the profits of this transaction will be donated to Dave King’s preferred charity:

Do good and be rock’n'roll // wear your music.

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