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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

// USA TV goes digital, of je nu wil of niet

In mijn vakantie veel (vak)tijdschriften weggelezen. Zodoende las ik in The Source een opvallend stukje over de digitale TV conversie die in februari in de USA plaats gaan vinden:



Analog broacasting is to digital broadcasting what the Walkman is to the iPod when TV makes the switch. Make sure you don’t look like the guy trying to get the Mac-assisted DJ to play his cassette tape at the club.

In just a few months, 1.7 million African-American households could wake up, turn on their television sets and see… nothing. A recent Nielsen report found that not only Black households, but also Asian-American and Hispanic households are disproportionately unprepared for the digital TV conversion. Don’t know what the digital TV conversion is? Well, you certainly wouldn’t be alone. An estimated 13 million households are at risk of having no TV reception on February 17, 2009, when all US TV stations switch from analog to 100% digital broadcasting.
You will not be affected if you have cable or satellite. However, if you use a “rabbit ear” antenna or an outdoor antenna to get reception on your TV, that means you have an analog TV and will need to take steps to make sure you don’t lose your signal. Your options are either buying a converter box to plug into the TV you have now, or buying a new TV that comes with a digital tuner.

Is it fair that those of us living in an analog world have to spend money to keep our TVs working? Sure isn’t. That’s why the government is providing $40 coupons for the $40 converter boxes, making them virtually free. There’s just one snag in this plan. At press time, major retailers have yet to make the boxes widely available. The box is available online where it is subject to shipping fees.
In mid-September, Federal Communications Commission chairman Kevin Martin sent a letter to the Consumer Electronics Retailers Coalition asking them to persuade member stores to carry at least one digital conversion box model. Best Buy, Circuit City, Radioshack, Wal-Mart and Sears were among the stores Martin called out for not widely carrying the box.

Seem like a headache? Wondering why this is even necessary? The government promises the switch to digital television will mean a clearer picture and possibly more channels. Going digital will also free up valuable portions of the broadcast spectrum, which can be used for police, fire departments and even wireless service.

Bron: The Source dec 2008 - “The Day TV Goes Digital” by Sabrina Ford


Meer info over de USA TV conversion vind je hier en in de video hieronder.

Toevalligerwijs werd deze week bekend dat na de ether ook de analoge kabelTV in Nederland zijn langste tijd gehad heeft (2010)...


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