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Friday, November 18, 2011

// Storytelling by inmates - A lesson learned?

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If your story is right, you can even sell your stuff from behind bars. Inspiring examples from Florida and Estonia.

// Hot sauce made and market by prisoners
A group of inmates in Florida’s Hillsborough County Jail are making their own line of, tadaaa, hot sauce. You can choose between ‘Original’, ‘Smoke’ and ‘No Escape’. These inmates are not only making the sauces all by themselves (it is made from peppers grown there onsite), but they also do their own marketing and communication. That’s why it is not strange that they use slogans like ‘So Lethal’ and ‘A Murder On Taste Buds’. The sauce is only available online and supports Florida’s prisoners programs. How the ‘difference of origin’ of your product can lead to unique storytelling…
more info:

// Clothing and bags designed by inmates
Heavy Eco is an Estonian brand that produces clothing and accessories, all designed by Eastern European prisoners. Their story has several layers. First of all Heavy Eco claims that they give inmates the opportunity to rehabilitate. Furthermore they claim to make products which last forever (a life time warranty backs up that promise) and that they use only organic material. All designs are based on Russian prison tattoos. The website explains: “In the Russian criminal world, every tattoo tells a lifestory of a criminal. You can tell what the person is in jail for, how many times he’s been convicted and even if he has a gambling or drug addiction just by looking at the tattoos.”

Heavy Eco is not only sold online, like the hot sauce, but is also available in shops throughout Europe. Prisoners get paid for their work and 50% of all profits are donated to Estorian non-profit organizations.
Read the complete ‘story’ here.

A social brand based on storytelling… very unique.

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