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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

// Social TV: Loyalize and Fango

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Brand loyalization.
That’s what Loyalize believes in. This San Francisco based company builded an audience participation platform (white-labeled) that drives engagement across connected devices. See how it works:

They recently made a big global step by launching their first social TV app in Australia called Fango. They launched this service for Australian national broadcaster Seven. The main purpose of Seven is create engagement between their viewers and their tv-programs. Watch their demo over here.

Personally I believe in social TV, but I don’t believe in ‘general apps’ for ‘everything’. Why? Simple:
If you are a broadcaster always start with ‘your content’. Never start with just a technique or a tool. And that’s what is happening here. Don’t push your tool, but let them engage with your content. For example: organically put this platform in their soap community. Completely integrate the tool in their Australian Open Tennis broadcast or co-create news with it for Sevens’ newsportal etc.
So make it organic, make it easy. And always start with your content. That makes it way easier to explain to your audience and engaging will automatically follow. Even if you have to push this ‘new technique’...

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