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Friday, April 01, 2011

// Snail mail 2.0

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In Denmark they still believe in the power of snail mail, but they want to make it ‘more 2011’. The Danish Post Office hopes that digitizing their stamp system and enabling mobile payment will modernize their service. And their solution is rather good.

// What’s the deal?
Today (Let’s hope it isn’t a 1 April fool joke. Although it is confirmed by several organizations and even Deutsche Welle wrote a report on it) they launch their new service: you can text the word “PORTO” to 1900 receiving a confirmation text in reply along with a string of numbers and letters. After that you write this number/letter combination on your envelop and you’re done.

Virtual stamps ordered by mobile phone. I would use it. The only question still stands: will it be safe / easy to hack?

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