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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

// Shazam goes TV

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The last couple of months big TV networks all over the world are doing several pilots trying to find ways to integrate social media into their regular TV programs. (for example Al Jazeera).

And yes, we have another nice example:
A month ago NBC Universal made a deal to integrate Shazam into their cable networks (press release).
First for those who are not familiar with Shazam:
Shazam is a mobile application that listens and identifies songs for you. So if you are in a club, you just switch on Shazam and this app shows all the information about the current song you are hearing. You even can buy the track on the fly.

Last Weekend Spike TV and Oxygen launched their Shazam app in one of their shows. The idea is that you have Shazamable moments during programs which delivers extra footage or exclusive audio to viewers.

David Jones, VP Marketing Shazam, said: “Shazam for TV is revolutionizing the way we watch TV – no new gadgets or equipment required, just a smartphone with the Shazam App makes watching TV a more fun and interactive experience.”

The big question with those pilots is, are consumers willing to download several apps for several tv occasions. I don’t think so.
But I believe this can really succeed as a big chunck of smartphone users have Shazam already on their device. And if you stay in line with the experience of Shazam, discovering music, it really can add up.

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