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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

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Geld verdienen met je eigen online radiostation, zonder dat je zit met streamingkosten en rechtengeneuzel. Het kan (binnenkort) met Radionomy. Ik sprak met Yves Baudechon, ??n van de oprichters, over het hoe en waarom.

Allereerst een kleine introductie. Eind 2006 werd Radionomy opgericht door Alexandre Saboudjian. Hij vond drie partners (C?dric Van Kan, Gilles Bindels en Yves Baudechon) waarmee hij in 2007 het idee verfijnde. Het bedrijf werd vervolgens eind september 2007 opgericht. Er werken momenteel 9 mensen fulltime aan de private beta versie die nu online is. 1.500 geregistreerden zijn nu volop de boel aan het testen.

Tijd voor een gesprek (in het Engels):

# Radionomy: what are the big differences from your competitors?
Competitors? Which competitor? Who do you see as a competitor? Nobody has the same proposition: create your own webradio. It’s easy, free and fun.
Nobody provides a tool to create and manage a radiostation and offers libraries of music, jingles and contents. And the opportunity to download your own music or content. Nobody pays the streaming, and the rights in exchange of a maximum of 4 minutes of airtime for advertising. Nobody.
Maybe you think about Playlists? Creating a webradio is far more than sharing some music tracks… It’s a real media! Radio Creators express themselves through music but also jingles, the content they select, the content they create.

# Is it only for people in France and Belgium?
As we explain on the website, you register to be part of a waiting list. We are in closed beta test for the moment, taking the time to set up our complete solution; a technical challenge! We release the access codes slowly, but gradually the volume of beta testers will be increased.  There’s no point in inviting thousands of people to a party we haven’t finished setting yet! And yes at this stage, we only deal with French and Belgian Beta testers. Because our library of content integrates local content for those 2 markets. When we will enter the Dutch market, we will also have a critical mass of Dutch content and music, to fulfil the main desires of Dutch radio creators. These are our promises for any new market, so we have to get ready to meet them!

# Why is it that your helpdesk isn’t responding? Is it that busy at the moment?
Well, integrating the information from and to tens of beta testers, via email & phone takes some time indeed!  But we are making a point in answering every single email we receive, so if you haven’t already been answered to, don’t despair.  The pile is high, but so is our will to get to its bottom!

# Is it true that a complete Dutch version will be released? When is that due?
Yes, we have an European ambition. We first concentrate on Belgium and France. Next market may be UK or The Netherlands. We are still working on this. We want first to create a success in Belgium and France before entering other markets.

# You can earn money by making a radiostation at Radionomy. Can you give an idea how much money a contributor is able to earn?
Radionomy covers all costs, Streaming, Rights. On top of this unique proposition on the market, yes, Radionomy will share the revenues with radio creators, based on their audience. We are still working on a formal and finalized proposition based on the level of audience we will see Belgian and French markets reaching.

Extraatje: hier de Radionomy-videopresentatie van Yves:


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