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Monday, April 30, 2012

// Branded Island - XXXX Gold

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Australian beer brand XXXX Gold has bought an island.To be more precise, they have taken a three-year lease on a 6ha Southern Great Barrier Reef island off the Capricorn Coast. What about that?!

From October 2012 XXXX Gold wants to send groups of beer drinking Australians who won in promotions to this so called ‘Pumpkin Island’ or as the beer brand calls it ‘the ingenious beer delivery system’.

Check out the video:

Or as the campaign-site points out:
“Right now XXXX Island is bursting at the seams with15 acres of, well not much. Besides potential. That’s why in the coming months we’re going to unleash your creativity, ingenuity and good old Aussie elbow grease to turn the island into the ultimate destination for mates’ trips away.”

Another great example of crowd sourcing and listening to your audience.

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